Virtual IT Director (vCIO)

Technology is essential for modern businesses and professional management of that technology is crucial. Shackleton Technologies’ Managed IT Support, includes our Virtual IT Director (virtual Chief Information Officer) service.

What Does the Virtual IT Director or vCIO Actually Offer You?

Our Virtual IT Director (vCIO) will help you with the following:

  • Improved alignment between business aims and IT requirements.
  • If cloud services would be beneficial to your business.
  • The telephony solution that is right for your business and if you need on premise or fully hosted.
  • Planning of IT spend with you, so that maximum value is the gained from your investment.
  • Preparation for any planned growth, or other changes to your business.
  • Administration of multiple IT networks, or environments across numerous sites as appropriate.
  • Management of any business dependency on old/legacy systems.

Shackleton’s Virtual IT Director (vCIO) service provides a senior, experienced business and/or technology expert, to serve as professional advisor to your business. Your vCIO will possess a technical and business backgrounds and be familiar with a broad range of technologies in helping you reach your business goals. 

You gain all the benefits of years of experience, picked up while operating in diverse IT environments.  You also don’t have to pay for a full-time board level executive!

Our Virtual IT Director (vCIO) service will ask the right questions, to help formulate technology recommendations, that will support your core business aims.  

We Ask the Right Questions

Our Virtual IT Director (vCIO) service will ask the right questions, to help formulate technology recommendations, that will support your core business aims.  

It will make appropriate recommendations, ensuring you are fully informed and ready to make the right decisions helping you to minimise your IT spend.

In large companies, the IT Director or CIO manages corporate IT systems, develops strategies to ensure their optimum performance and communicates these plans to a business’s senior management.

In an ideal world, all businesses would have an in-house expert IT Director/CIO in charge of strategy, infrastructure design and implementation of effective IT solutions throughout the company.

But this is where cost becomes a real barrier. An IT Director or CIO, is a board-level appointment and experienced directors are too expensive to be practicable for most SME type businesses.

Enhanced Managed IT Support

The virtual IT Director or vCIO service from Shackleton, enhances our Managed IT Support and helps you to manage and maintain your entire IT infrastructure. The service is fully supported by Network Admin (NET Admin) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) facilities and delivered by our client-facing NET Admin and Account Management Teams comprising:

  1. Professional Business Account Managers
  2. Expert Technical Account Managers
  3. Senior Escalations Manager (Shackleton’s Managing Director)

Advanced technology systems help your business grow more quickly and increase productivity and profitability. This drives the need for effective, professional management for these systems, especially when considering short and long-term business strategies.

IT Strategy and Budget Planning

Shackleton’s virtual IT Director/vCIO service, delivers even more benefits than an in-house appointment ever could and is included as standard within our Managed IT Support service.

Our Virtual IT Director (vCIO), is not reliant on a single individual but instead managed and delivered by an entire team of senior industry professionals, with many years of combined experience in all aspects of technology and strategic management.

You will receive an even greater level of expertise, at a fraction of the cost of having a CIO in-house. And instead of the expertise of one individual, you enjoy the vast knowledge and expertise from a team, focused on optimising systems to ensure alignment with your business goals and directions.

Shackleton’s Virtual IT Director or vCIO is a part-time, or as required role and is an additional service included within out Managed IT Support contract. From your perspective, it means we are only focused on your business and the unique goals and dreams that you have for the future.

High-level IT strategy planning is the key to any successful technology road map for any company.  Our Virtual IT Director or vCIO service is there to help your business achieve its business goals, by maximising the return on investment in technology.

Our Virtual IT Director or vCIO will be there when you need it most. Contact us to find out more.

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