Aligning technology with your business plans

Network Administration

The key to network administration (NetAdmin) is the alignment of technology with your business plans. Technology must be fit for purpose, and in line with industry standards and best practices. Shackleton has considerable expertise and experience working with new and existing clients to achieve this alignment.

Many of our clients have experienced, or will experience, a period of rapid growth. This can play havoc with legacy IT systems.

Shackleton’s NetAdmin team is there to help you through these growth pains, to ensure you are prepared, well in advance and to make suitable recommendations, so that your systems remain aligned with your business aims and your increasing output.

In this way, our Network Admin team can help you gain a competitive advantage, enabling you to ensure your IT infrastructure keeps pace with your business goals.

Part of the process is a full network review, conducted by our dedicated NetAdmin team. They will complete our best practice checklists, helping you to identify key areas where improvements could be made, or potential risks that may affect operations.

Using the results of the review, we work with you to develop a technology strategy that will help to optimise your network infrastructure, and ensure IT is ready and able to support your business goals.

To ensure your network and business goals remain aligned, our NetAdmin team will conduct regular meetings and alignment checks.

It’s important to have a dedicated and experienced NetAdmin team continually reviewing industry best practice and ensuring clients’ are utilising the latest in world-class IT solutions that really help their business.

This is how Shackleton delivers a world class managed service and differentiates ourselves from other managed IT service providers.

IT Best Practices

We aim to align the delivery of our services with the needs of our clients’ businesses, their employees (users) and even their customers, using globally recognised best practices. One of the fundamental aims of any IT company or MSP, is to improve the IT processes and services of their client companies, by introducing change where appropriate and automating and monitoring their networks and IT systems.

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IT Risk Review

Your IT network has grown in response to changing business needs. Unfortunately, this organic evolution increases the risk of security blind spots being introduced into your systems.

Using the in-depth technical knowledge of our engineers, an IT risk review from Shackleton identifies potential dangers and provides the insight you need to build a truly effective IT security strategy. You will also know exactly where to invest in order to better protect data and systems.

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License & Asset Management

As your network grows, so does the underlying complexity. Your business needs to know which IT assets are owned, where they are located, and whether you have the correct licenses in place.

License & Asset Management services help reduce fraud, prevent wasted spend, avoid prosecution for licensing violations and better plan the next stage of your IT platform development. Asset management can be time-consuming and costly – let us help relieve the burden.

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Site Documentation

IT networks and infrastructures are critical to business operations. It’s crucial that these are fully documented. Utilising world class software tools, Shackleton meticulously list and document every item and every aspect of your network. This means we can see at a glance, what is on your network and where it is located, making it easier for us to fix more problems remotely.

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IT Support
& Service

Timely IT support is crucial to the health of your business operations – if systems fail, your business will be badly affected. You need a business IT support provider who you can trust to provide effective advice and assistance.

IT Infrastructure Management

Shackleton’s IT infrastructure management service includes the monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure to improve the security, availability, reliability and performance of your applications, devices and networks.

IT Strategy
& Planning

IT plays an increasingly important role in business operations. Advances in technology mean that IT now drives the business forward. However, in order to realise the largest benefits , you must have a clearly defined IT strategy – otherwise investment in technology may not provide the results you expect