Information Technology Best Practices

One of the fundamental aims of any IT company or managed services provider (MSP), is to improve their clients’ IT processes and services. This is achieved by introducing change where appropriate and by automating and monitoring networks and IT systems.

Here at Shackleton, we aim to align the delivery of our services with the needs of our clients’ businesses, their employees (users) and even their customers, using globally recognised best practices.

We prefer to assess our clients’ individual needs separately, because in real life, one size doesn’t fit all. We know we need to be flexible and deliver solutions that are cost-effective and capable of growing as their business grows.

Only by working in this way, providing expert IT services, in a highly proactive and professional manner, can we truly become a valuable asset to every client.

To be able to provide great customer service to our clients, we have invested heavily in our internal systems, our people, our service delivery processes and our business practices. It is this evolution that has really helped our business, which in turn helps our clients.

The following are some of the IT Best Practices employed by Shackleton:

Progressive IT Strategy

With all new clients, we want to understand their business, before we even think of their IT systems.

Think about it; how can you advise any client on their IT systems, if you don’t first understand how the business uses and relies on these systems? It sounds like common sense, but many IT companies don’t do it.

We want to understand what their business needs from its IT investment and we work with them to optimise that.

We want to know what impact failed systems have on the ability of their business to run normally and then make recommendations as to how these incidents can be avoided.

Making Employees More Productive

What is the level of IT knowledge within our clients’ business? Is there a “primary contact” who we can work hand in hand with? Where can we make the biggest impact inside our clients’ business to make their employees more productive?

When we meet with clients we are open and frank in our approach regarding the above.

By highlighting the technological impact of IT investment along with the benefits to the end users within business, are we really delivering tangible results and ROI for our clients?

Minimising Business Risk

Shackleton Technologies supports businesses proactively by providing a fully staffed service desk, alongside fully monitoring our clients’ networks and systems. However, the value lies in going beyond this as we really get into the heart of your IT infrastructure.

By reviewing IT Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery, age of hardware and business policies, we can make recommendations that can really impact your bottom line.

Continual Business Improvement

At Shackleton, every day is a school day and we are always eager and determined to continue to learn.

By investing in ourselves, staff training, relationships with business partners and incorporating IT best practices into our company, we can then talk with authority on how this helps our clients’ business.

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