IT License and Asset Management

Free Up Time

Many business leaders and senior managers will tell you that managing a medium, or large IT estate, is a difficult, time-consuming and often thankless task.

Look around any modern office and you will see Information Technology (IT) assets everywhere; PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, mobile phones, VoIP desk phones, you may even have a server, or multiple servers.

And all will be installed with, or controlled by software, i.e. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Antivirus, Antispam, Web-filtering, line of business applications, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and more. All essential for most businesses today.

Today’s businesses rely upon this technology in their day-to-day trading. The importance of this software and how it impacts business operations is often overlooked.

In reality, IT assets are the backbone of most businesses and they represent a substantial financial investment. 

Business Critical Assets

In reality, IT assets are the backbone of most businesses and they represent a substantial financial investment.

Proper management of these assets can maximise their value to a business, protecting investment and ensuring that business benefits are more than technical, or logistical.

Because IT assets are critical to most businesses, they can be difficult to keep track of and very expensive to replace. This can cause frustration, when gaps in communication are identified and new equipment is purchased, often unnecessarily. 

Inventory of Equipment

Good IT licence and information technology asset management helps to reduce risk, improve performance and uncover savings. This leads to a better level of control over the entire IT inventory and the ability to make better, more informed decisions.

It is an area of managed IT services that provides substantial and measurable benefits to our clients, for short, medium, and long-term business goals.

Making inventories of all licences and IT assets and managing that inventory, so that it is always current, requires a huge investment in administration time. Because of this, there are many businesses that do not manage their assets efficiently and this can prove costly.

Shackleton knows, through extensive experience, that proper asset management can have a direct impact in lowering both hardware and software spending. We know that better control of your licences and IT assets, will improve your efficiency and reliability, freeing time for your management team to focus on attaining your business goals.

Getting the best value from your IT investment starts with an accurate and up to date inventory of all your IT assets. This helps your business to be in control of your IT assets and to maximise the value of your overall investment.

Realistic Business Benefits

Some of the business benefits of Licence and IT Asset Management include:

  • Better return on investment and/or cost reduction
  • Better knowledge management
  • More informed decisions on performance, financial costs, risks and opportunities
  • Management decisions can be based on an entire life cycle of IT assets
  • Improved stability of IT network in the long term
  • Higher client satisfaction levels

Proven Practices

Licence and IT asset management from Shackleton Technologies, comprises a range of proven practices, to help optimise spending and support strategic decision-making, within your businesses IT environment. It also improves company-wide understanding of the value of your investment in information technology.

IT assets might include any system, software, or hardware, owned by the company and that is used during day-to-day activities.

Shackleton’s process, typically involves gathering a detailed inventory of all your business hardware and software, which is then stored in our IT asset management system.

This information is then used as part of our IT Director (vCIO) and NetAdmin service, which helps you make informed decisions about IT related purchases and redistribution of assets. It also reduces the likelihood of making unnecessary asset purchases and maximises the real value available from your current resources.

Quality licence and IT asset management can dramatically reduce waste and improve overall budget expenditure, freeing up funds for investment in other strategic projects.

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