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IT support and consultation to empower the growth of your business

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IT support and consultation to empower the growth of your business

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Shackleton Technologies is a highly experienced IT Support company. We provide a strategic IT management approach using the latest technologies to increase productivity and collaborative working whilst helping you make your business cyber secure.

Our superpower lies in the comprehensive IT support service offering embodied in our 4-block framework (or the “4 blocks”, to those in the know) which provides our clients with an outsourced IT service that leaves no stone unturned. We pro-actively monitor your systems and advise you on the best technology and solutions for your business needs. We understand the benefits of a tailored IT support approach and will work with you to understand your requirements, both in the present and allowing for future growth and development.

Account Meetings

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Remote & Onsite IT Support

End User, desktop, Laptop Support

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Infrastructure Systems Monitoring

IT Security / Cyber Security

Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

The Business Benefits of an IT Partnership with Shackleton

Increased Productivity with IT Support | Shackleton Technologies | Dundee

Increased Productivity

Modern businesses have an enormous range of technologies available to them. Cloud services have transformed the way teams work within a business helping them become more agile than ever before.
Employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere, as if they were in the office, contributing to a noticeable boost in productivity and team morale.

Staying Connected with IT Suport Shackleton Technologies Dundee

Staying Connected

Fast, reliable internet connectivity is a must for modern businesses. It transforms the way you work and communicate with your colleagues and clients. It is also a key element in any disaster recovery planning. Shackleton provides expert IT support and advice to our clients in this crucial area, ensuring their business is totally protected.

Secure your data with Shackleton Technologies IT Support in Dundee

Secure Data

The modern computer user works across numerous devices, which is a real benefit to business, but more devices create greater levels of risk.
It’s essential that professional advice is sought, to ensure the right measures are in place to offer total protection.
Shackleton uses a multi-layered approach to cyber security, protecting your data, wherever it resides.

Investing in the right technology immediately enhances team productivity and collaboration with colleagues, wherever they might be.

We can advise on the collaborative working solutions that best suit your business and help your team work smarter.

Work Anywhere - Collaborative Working - Cloud Based Services - Shackleton Technologies - Dundee - Fife - Aberdeen - Edinburgh - Angus - Tayside

Work Anytime

With the advent of ‘the cloud’ you can effectively run your organisation from anywhere, creating opportunities to connect teams across sites anywhere in the world. Flexible, remote collaborative working becomes easy, saving time and money, increasing productivity and helping your teams work in a way that benefits both them and the business. 

Shackleton will create a set up that best suits your organisational needs.

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